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The management team

Our executive management team works to deliver the strategy set by our board. They make it their mission to ensure the construction sector has the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

Members of the team


Sarah Beale
Chief Executive, CITB

Sarah became Chief Executive of CITB in January 2017.

Since then, she has led CITB through a successful consensus process and launched the three-year Vision 2020 programme of reform which will see the organisation become more responsive and accountable to industry. More recently, she fronted the launch of the organisation’s new, reforming 2018-2021 Business Plan to help make the Vision 2020 programme become reality.

Sarah’s previous CITB role was as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Performance Director in 2014, having covered the Corporate Performance Director role in 2013.
She has worked in a range of other senior roles including Finance Manager, National Experienced Worker Assessment Manager, Head of Finance and Planning, Head of Overseas and Head of Customer Services.

Prior to CITB, Sarah worked mainly within the financial sector, in both commercial environments and not‐for‐profit organisations. She has led on several transformational programmes, including company mergers, systems development and a variety of people and management-related projects.

Adrian Beckingham

Adrian Beckingham
Corporate Performance Director

Adrian became CITB’s Corporate Performance Director in January 2019. Adrian has enjoyed a variety of senior roles during his 18 years at CITB. Posts include: Head Of CSkills Awards, Head of IT, Head of Business Improvement and, most recently, CITB Change Director, leading the delivery of the Vision 2020 programme.

As Corporate Performance Director, Adrian will lead the Finance, Estates, HR, Technology and Change functions and collaborate with Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL) who will provide services to CITB.  Adrian’s key aims will be to: continue driving change, to improve CITB’s business performance and collaborate with SSCL to improve customer service, particularly digital services and customer operations

Steve Radley

Steve Radley
Policy Director

Steve is responsible for working with the industry and with government to create the right environment and support for employers to invest in the skills that they need. Amongst his responsibilities are overseeing CITB research work to create the evidence base that underpins CITB funding approach and its works with providers and working with National governments across Britain and at the local level to create the right environment  and support for employers. His team also works closely with employers and Federations to ensure that funding support meets their needs and is simple to access. He is also responsible  for CITB’s relations with the media.      

Steve joined CITB from his role as Director of Policy and External Affairs at the Manufacturers organisation, EEF.  Previously he was Chief Economist at the Henley Centre and the Policy Adviser – Education and Training at the Confederation of British Industry.

Jackie Ducker
Customer and Product Service Director 

Jackie Ducker is the Director for customer and product services that CITB provides or helps to deliver for the construction industry.  This includes CITBs engagement with industry ensuring that levy payers receive the support and advice they require, quality assurance and products such as The Training Directory and Go Construct. 

Jackie is passionate about the end to end experience of internal and external customers and has a strong track record in both the construction and service sectors and held a range of business improvement, collaboration, growth and customer experience leadership roles prior to joining CITB in July 2021

Emma Black
Legal, Governance and Compliance Director 

Emma joined CITB in 2017 as General Counsel and Board Secretary and was appointed to the Executive Team in January 2021 as Legal, Governance and Compliance Director.  As well as her Executive responsibilities, Emma’s accountabilities include key liaison with the government through the Department of Education Sponsorship Team, oversight of all legal matters across CITB including adherence to the Industrial Training Act, the effective operation of the Corporate Governance Framework and function including delivery of Board and Committee activity, the delivery of the Audit & Risk function and all matters relating to Information Governance.   Emma is passionate about driving for continuous improvement and efficiencies across the business, good governance and investment in people.

Prior to CITB Emma has held various senior roles including Senior Solicitor at Norfolk Constabulary and Head of Law at Peterborough City Council.